2021 – Vendors

If you would like to participate in 2022, please contact us.

David Bartlett of Beaver, Utah (Legos and MicroMachines)

Bill Arndt of Las Vegas (Lionel)

Bill Martin of Las Vegas (Toy Trains)

Bob Alles of Las Vegas (Toy Trains)

“All Trains, Toys, Models, and More” – Randy and Anthony Giroux of Southern California (N- and HO-scale trains, plus more)

Ken Chan of Las Vegas (Old and New Lionel)

4 thoughts on “2021 – Vendors

    1. The ones listed on the page are those that are coming, so 7. There may actually be more coming. I tried to list on the site the focus of each vendor. Hobby Stop is a full-service store, RGMHS has Rio Grande-related publications and merchandise, and many of the others are toy train vendors. Randy Giroux will be bringing things for a variety of different scales, and there will be one there selling Lego and MicroMachines.


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